Just like a S-Tor: Highlights Of Tor Thanapob’s 1st Fan Meeting in Manila

Thai Superstar Tor Thanapob Leeratanakachorn popularly known as “Tor” held his “First Fan Meeting in Manila” at SM Skydome last August 13, 2023 and here are some of our swoon-worthy moments that we can’t get enough of.

Tor graced the stage singing Melt by Nont Tanont. After the performance, Filipino Fans showed how they appreciate his presence. Also he was asked to introduce himself, the energy of Filipino fans didn’t toned down and he told “this energy makes me more comfortable” which is quite surprising for an artist to tell that.

He had a small talk with the MC wherein he was asked what is his first impression with Filipino fans, he answered “Initially we had a chance to know only on social media but right now seeing each other in person.

The fanmeet is not yet done but I have the feeling that I want to come back here again.” He was also asked what favorite Filipino dish so far and he answered Sinigang na Hipon.

He was asked to leave on stage for the next segment. Also, while Tor was on backstage, there were lucky fans who got interview and expressed their love for Tor.

Thanapob went back on stage performing “Youth” by Troye Sivan. He was asked on his previous works on “Getting To Know You” segment. He played some games like “4 Pics, 1 Tor” wherein he will guess the 4 pictures that is related to his dramas.

The next game was “Pictor Perfect” wherein 3 lucky fans went up on stage and they will guess the drawing Tor drew, the answer was also related to his popular series. Bonus, the fans also got the drawing with Tor’s signature.

After the games. Encore started. He went back onstage wearing a Barong Tagalog and sang MAPA by SB19 and before he start singing, he told the fans that he love the song so much. He also shared in the Presscon that he want to work with SB19 especially Pablo.

After the performance, fan video was presented to him and he got emotional while watching it. He sincerely looked at the banner prepared by the fans and he told that this was the best first time experience in Manila and he hoped and his fans will stay together for a long time. He also mentioned if he will be given a chance to go back here in Philippines, he will do it. He did group photos with fans not once but twice.

As part of the perks for some tiers, fans had the chance to have Hi-Touch, Photo Op and Poster Signing. Tor Thanapob’s 1st Fan Meeting in Manila was brought to us by Wish Us Luck Ent., Jinloe Official in partnership with Queen Kingdom Thailand.

Article: Charlene Caderao
Photos: Mikhaela Javier


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