Twogether with Lee Seunggi and Japer Liu

With all the lockdowns around the world, traveling becomes inconvenient for everyone. As a concert junkie, it saddens me that it has been two years since I attended concerts and fan gatherings because of all the restrictions.

This is why I am glad that I came across the show ‘Twogether.’ The concept of this travel show is that Lee Seung Gi, a South Korean actor and singer, and Jasper Liu (Liu Yi Hao), a Taiwanese actor and model need to find the fan who invited them to visit their hometown.

On the show, the fan sends four locations in her hometown and would receive a surprise visit from her favorite star if the idol completes the challenges.

When I first saw the show trailer, it didn’t attract my interest because I only know Lee Seung Gi. But after watching the show I fell in love with a scientist where Zhou Yutong and Jasper Liu starred, I got interested in his shows and found out that he is the guy in the travel show Twogether, and that’s a little background on how this show made it to this blog.

It’s a fun virtual tour

The show is helpful if you are looking for good backpacking itineraries abroad. The local fans of Lee Seunggi and Jasper Liu are the ones who recommended the itineraries so you’d know that the spots featured on their trips are all worth visiting.

They also have the exact amount of pocket money to use so you’ll also have an idea of how much you’ll be spending on the countries they visited (Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal) while you create your own itinerary.

Face your Fear

It may be a virtual tour for us but not for Jasper. — Jasper Liu already admitted that he has a strong fear of heights but there are numerous challenges that require him to face his fear. This show is his first variety show and I am glad that you can truly see how he enjoyed the show from their awkward first meeting with Lee Seung Gi until they became friends and treat each other like brothers. (Well, unless the challenges require them to betray each other, which they started to show they are good at!)

The crisis in language barrier is real

Do you remember the first time you traveled abroad and you just simply used sign language to describe the things you need and such? The show gave us a funny and memorable peek at how Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu struggled to communicate during their trip. 

It’s cool that both of them tried studying Chinese (for Lee Seung Gi) and Korean (for Jasper Liu) but of course, that is just the tip of the iceburg, the real struggle is when they started searching for clues and they don’t have any language pair with the locals.

The weather fairy Lee Seung Gi

I’ve heard about Lee Seung Gi before as a weather fairy because it became a headline on Naver when it trended. But this is one of the proof that he really deserves the title. When they visited the last country to find the last fan of Twogether, flights are getting canceled so they were put on standby. 

Together with the whole production team, they needed to wait hours and there’s a big chance that their flight will get canceled– but the small percentage pushed through. There are a few more reasons and it’s an episode that you should look out for.

The most fulfilling reward of meeting the fans

The goal of Twogether is to unite two brothers (Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu) with their international fans and it is so fulfilling to see a fan getting super happy seeing their idol during the trip. The unexpected fanmeeting gave priceless reactions from the fans that even if I am just a viewer, the happiness of the fan sank in through me.

I hope the show will have a season 2 and I am looking forward to watching more Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu dramas and variety shows in the future. Good job Twogether team!

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