Watch: HORI7ON’s Kyler and Actress Kal So-Won Shine in Lee Seung Chul’s Latest Music Video “It’s Rainy Day”

Lee Seung Chul’s much-awaited comeback with his latest single, “It’s Rainy Day” also raised excitement to the fans of two stellar talents gracing the music video – Kyler from the rising K-pop sensation HORI7ON and the beloved actress Kal So-Won, known for her heartwarming performances in Korean films.

Lee Seung Chul’s return to the music scene after a three-year hiatus is met with eager anticipation from fans worldwide. “It’s Rainy Day,” a medium-tempo modern rock anthem, not only marks a triumphant comeback but also sets the stage for a series of releases leading to the maestro’s 13th full-length album and a special commemorative release celebrating his 40th anniversary in the industry.

What sets this music video apart is the inclusion of Kyler and Kal So-Won, whose combined talent promises a visual feast. Kyler, with his magnetic presence and global appeal, and Kal So-Won, adored for her endearing roles in films like “Miracle in Cell No. 7,” bring a unique dynamic to the narrative. Their collaboration is poised to evoke a sense of nostalgia and youthful romance, perfectly complementing the mood of the song.

The music video for “It’s Rainy Day” offers a glimpse into a world reminiscent of a coming-of-age film, where Kyler’s captivating visuals and Kal So-Won’s portrayal of first love stir the viewers’ emotions. It’s a testament to their prowess as performers and their ability to breathe life into the storyline with authenticity and charm.

With Lee Seung Chul’s timeless music as the backdrop and Kyler and Kal So-Won as the main actors, “It’s Rainy Day” promises to be a visual and auditory treat for both the fans of the singer and the actors.

The music video for “It’s Rainy Day,” featuring Kyler and Kal So-Won, is set to premiered last June 10 marking the beginning of a new chapter in Lee Seung Chul’s illustrious career and showcasing the bright future ahead for these rising stars.


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