Secrets and Lies: Upcoming Kdrama “Red Swan” Unveils a New World of Betrayal

Kdrama fans should brace for another dramatic storm as Disney+ unveils its newest Korean offering, “Red Swan,” premiering on July 3rd. This captivating series dives deep into the turmoil of a seemingly perfect marriage, where a wife’s unwavering loyalty clashes with a husband’s web of deceit.

Oh Wansoo (played by Kim Ha-neul), a former professional golfer and current Goodwill Ambassador, seemingly has it all. However, her seemingly perfect marriage to Kim Yongkook (Jung Gyuwoon), the heir to a powerful Korean conglomerate, crumbles under the weight of his infidelity. Despite being aware of her husband’s affairs, Wansoo has persevered in keeping their marriage afloat.

Everything changes with the arrival of Seo Doyoon (Jung Jihoon), a mysterious bodyguard assigned to Wansoo’s protection detail. Doyoon’s presence throws Wansoo’s life into disarray. As a sense of familiarity grows between them, Wansoo grapples with her newfound feelings and Doyoon’s potentially hidden motives.

“Red Swan” boasts a stellar cast alongside Kim Ha-neul and Jung Jihoon. Veteran actor Jung Gyuwoon portrays the unfaithful Kim Yongkook, while Seo Yisook takes on the role of Park Miran, the CEO of the Hwain Group. The series is directed by Park Hongkyun, known for his work on “A Korean Odyssey” and “Warm and Cozy,” and written by Choi Yoonjung, who penned “Only Love” and “Three Sisters.”


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