Park Eun Bin’s Unforgettable Night with Filipino BINGOs: A Night of Music and Heartfelt Connections

In a dazzling showcase of talent and heartfelt connection, renowned actress and Daesang awardee Park Eun Bin took graced the New Frontier Theater on June 24, for a spellbinding reunion with her devoted Filipino BINGOs.

This highly anticipated event, made even more special through collaboration with Aromagicare, unfolded as an enchanting night filled with music, laughter, and profound connections.

Welcome back to Manila, Park Eun Bin

Drifting onto the stage in Park Eun Bin set the tone for the evening with an adorable cover of FIFTY FIFTY’s Cupid. The infectious energy of this viral hit had the audience—lovingly referred to as BINGOs—engaged, singing along, waving lightsticks, and even spontaneously joining Park Eun Bin in delightful choreography.

Park Eun Bin, always attuned to her fans’ hearts, expressed her sentiments with a genuine “Na-miss ko kayo! (I’ve missed you!)”, it was a testament to her dedication as she seamlessly incorporated numerous Tagalog phrases into her speech, showcasing the depth of her preparation and connection with her Filipino audience.

TMI time with Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin transitioned into an insightful interview segment. Here, she bared her soul about the best part of being an actress—international fans’ love. Overcoming her inherent shyness, Park Eun Bin shared the journey of navigating overwhelming support and turning it into a powerful motivation.

With a career spanning over two decades since her debut at the age of five, Park Eun Bin sought role suggestions from BINGOs, with ‘doctor’ and ‘idol’ emerging as intriguing possibilities. Adding an element of excitement, Park Eun Bin teased the audience with glimpses of her upcoming project—a hint at the possibility of portraying an idol in tvN’s “Castaway Diva”.

Set to air later this year, the romantic comedy promises an engaging storyline about an aspiring singer stranded on an uninhabited island, leaving fans eagerly anticipating Park Eun Bin’s multifaceted performance.

Park Eun Bin’s work of art

The latter half of the fan meeting elevated the experience as Park Eun Bin unveiled her A-game, engaging with fans and presenting custom-made prizes that she personally crafted. From flower arrangements to painted tote bags and personalized bracelets, Park Eun Bin showcased not only her creative prowess but also her competitive spirit, flawlessly completing mini challenges. The stage came alive with dance moves to popular K-pop hits, revealing a new facet of the actress’s talents.

An Unforgettable Night with BINGOs

The highlight of the evening was the outpouring of love from Filipino BINGOs, who prepared a touching VCR showcasing the timeline of Park Eun Bin’s illustrious career.

Despite shedding tears during her first fan meeting in Manila, Park Eun Bin aimed to share in the celebration of achievements with her fans. Expressing heartfelt gratitude and bidding farewell with a soulful cover of “Especially For You” by Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue, Park Eun Bin ensured the night ended on an emotional high.

Park Eun Bin’s fanmeeting isa magical night, it was a celebration of artistry, a deep connection with the audience, and a collection of unforgettable moments destined to linger in the hearts of Filipino BINGOs for years to come. Park Eun Bin’s fanmeeting in Manila is presented by Aromagicare and Wilbros Live.


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