APINK Shares Their Thoughts In Meeting Filo Pink Pandas; Be You 3 in Manila Press Conference Overview

Seven years after their debut stage in Manila, Apink comes back to the Philippines as part of the line-up for Be You 3: The World Will Smile joint concert. Before the main event, the group meets the media for a sit down interview.

Question: What do you remember when you visited Manila before?

Chorong: It’s been almost six or seven years so I couldn’t remember it clearly.

Hayoung: It’s been seven years and I could still remember that we we came here, it was raining hard. It was a really fun night that I could still remember how excited I am. Even if it is raining that time, everyone is enjoying.

So I thought, this is how it feels to perform in the Philippines so I am looking forward to coming back here again. That event is also included in Apink’s diary and sometimes we also watch it. When we were informed that we are performing in Manila again, we felt sorry that we came back late but we are really excited.

“You are back in Manila, and it’s raining again.”

Eunji: Yes, Our nickname is “Raining Pink.”

Q: Be You 3 is an awareness for kids with cleft palate, what do you feel about participating in this event and do you have a soft spot for kids?

Chorong: As what we’ve said early, we went back to the Philippines after a long time, we feel grateful to be a part of this event and we hope participating here will help raise awareness to kids with cleft palete. Yes, we have soft spot for kids, we have siblings and mentees which is why we have bigger hopes that this event will have a greater outcome.

What is the secret of Apink for its longetivity?

Eunji: The main reason why we are together for a long time because fans are always looking for us and they wanna see us more often. But thinking about it, good chemistry lies between the members and we have good chemistry with one another.

What can we expect from Apink in the next years?

Namjoo: We are still in the planning stage so we couldn’t share things yet. But everyday, we think of ways to make performances and events to show the fans our love more and give more interactions.

Q: Solo concert in Manila?

Namjoo: Yes, if they want to! Yes! Let’s do a solo concert here! (The girls showed so much excitement)

Q: Your message to all your Filipino fans?

Bomi: We are sorry that we came back too late. But when we came back here, we already met them even at the airport. It’s been a long time since our debut and we will try to make the solo concert come true so we can comeback here. Apink also learns “Namiss namin kayo” which translates to “We miss you.”

Apink is a part of the line-up for Be You 3 in Manila: The World Will Smile alongside artists CIX, Infinite’s Nam Woo Hyun and BTOB’s Lee Min Hyuk (HUTA). The event is presented by Neuwave Events and Production.

Be You 3: BTOB Lee Min Hyuk, Nam Woo Hyun

Watch the full press conference:


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