Aurora Polaris: A Photo and Art Exhibit for Thai Actors Dew and Fourth by Manila fans

The stars are aligned! It was surely a day to remember as the fans of Dew Jirawat and Fouth Nattawat made their recent birthday celebration a day to remember. It is slightly different from the usual fan gathering as they also set-up a mini photo and art exhibit to showcase the talent of the fans and the overflowing charm of our favorite actors through visual art.

Meeting both Dew and Fourth in October–their birth month

Both celebrating their birthdays in October, Dew and Fourth also visited Manila the same month which makes it more memorable for the fans of both GMMTV actors.

If you are a fan of the drama F4 Thailand, the names of both actors would ring to you as Dew played the role “Ren”, one of the F4 members while Fourth played the role “Glakao”, Gorya’s younger brother.

Fourth Nattawat in Manila

The “My School President” and “Our Skyy” actor Fourth Nattawat celebrated his birthday last October 18 and visited Manila on October 24 for the Miss Philippines 2023 finals and The Filipino Festival. This is also Fourth’s first international solo event so this is indeed a milestone for the young actor.

Dew Jirawat in Manila

Meanwhile, Dew had his 3rd visit in Manila and successfully held his first solo fanmeeting last October 14. He’s been to Manila last year for the Shooting Star Concert, Globe Reach 4 the Stars event and Asia Television Awards. He also ended October with a bang as he celebrates his birthday last October 30.

Curing our PCD

Aside from being a birthday celebration for both Dew and Fourth, this event is also a good cure to our post concert depression since we already miss both of them. The fans also had a moment of spazzing and a few games after the viewing.

Not your typical fan gathering

As it is announced as a photo and art exhibit, this fan gathering highlighted the works of the fans as well. We love to see numerous artworks prepared by the fans and the concert/fanmeet photos of both Dew and Fourth captured from the point of view of the audience.

The event is organized by Dew J Philippines and Fourth Family PH.


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