Meeting F4 Thailand: The happenings at the Shooting Star Concert in Manila

Four of the most popular actors in Thailand collectively known in the GMMTV drama “F4 Thailand” as the powerful “F4,” Bright, Win, Dew, and Nani (BWDN) visited Manila for the first time to do the most awaited Shooting Star Concert in Manila.

The Shooting Star Concert is a series of concerts in Asia where the iconic F4 visit numerous countries to meet the fans and celebrate the popularity of the Thai drama through its OSTs.

The strong and solid fanbase

It may not be our first time covering a Thai event, but the sure thing is that this one is large-scale. The popularity of Bright and Win, more popularly shipped as BrightWin, is visible in the Philippines. Despite the pouring rain on the day of the event, the fans flocked to World Trade Center, hours before the event to meet up with their friends and keep the hype going until it was time to see BWDN!

Fan Projects

Before the show, fans enjoyed numerous fanclub activities and fan projects created for them and F4. We get to see a lot of fans sharing their official and fanmade freebies for the attendees! To hype up the event, the fanclub also prepared LED fan support roving around the venue for the fans to see and enjoy.

Rise Media Philippines, the organizer of the show, made sure that the fans will fully enjoy the Shooting Star Concert experience via their set-up booths. Upon entry, you get to see and try numerous activities from booths including Globe’s photo zone. There’s a booth for the official merchandise selling, the fanclub booth where you get to enjoy photo spots of BWDN and also claim freebies and memorabilia prepared by the fans for this show.

Bright, Win, Dew and Nani

The title “Shooting Star Concert” came from the drama F4 Thailand’s main official soundtrack entitled “Shooting Star” also sang by BWDN. We had the chance to get to know Bright, Win, Dew, and Nani through questions prepared for them.

Stepping in Manila for the first time, F4 said that they’re glad that they finally had the chance to meet their Filo fans through this concert. Bright and Win received so much love overseas through the hit Thai drama 2gether: The Series. On the other hand, Dew and Nani both debuted as an actor through the character ‘Ren’ and ‘MJ’ in F4 Thailand. All four actors are from GMMTV, where the drama also aired.

BWDN singing our favorite OSTs

F4 Thailand, for a drama fan like me, gives off a big warm hug during the pandemic. Boys Over Flowers, as we all know, already has a cliché rich and poor main leads falling in love with one another type of plot but this series gave us a true-to-life background story, especially for Gorya– the main female character.

To complement the drama, we had a line-up of OSTs that made the scenes more memorable for us. This time, it’s Bright, Win, Dew and Nani singing it live in front of us! BWDN appeared on stage for the first time singing the OST “Who am I?.” After a quick introduction, they had individual performances of the OSTs they sang for F4 Thailand. Who remembers Dew calling everyone his “girlfriends”?

Nani showed off his rapping skills through the song “Best Life.” Dew serenaded the audience with the track “In The Wind,” pretty much reminding you of the tear-jerking scenes his character Ren had with Gorya. Right after, we had Win sing the sentimental OST “Silhouette.”

Bright Vachirawit’s cover of “With a Smile”

To top off the experience, Bright made everybody’s heart melt through his cover of the Eraserheads’ song “With A Smile.” A bit different from the line-up, this performance becomes everyone’s favorite. Bright also said that he make sure that his performance for the Philippines will be special and this is the only Shooting Star leg that he’ll perform this song.

Shooting Star and Who am I?

As a fan of the drama itself, there are two performances that I really looked forward to, it’s the songs “Who am I?” and “Shooting Star” which the four of them sang together. The show is a bit quick but jam-packed and memorable for all of us. The last performance is the “Shooting Star,” to which they sang in a slower version, making the ambiance more sentimental for us. Thus, most of us cried during this performance.

Shooting Star Concert Experience

Overall, my fears before the show melted. Initially, I was worried during the first show announcement because most of the pages we follow are only promoting Bright and Win. That means, as a fan of F4 Thailand itself, they overshadowed Dew and Nani. Despite that, I love the fact that the fans still gave a warm welcome to the four of them during the show.

This concert will probably remain to be one of our favorites for a long time and we hope to see Bright, Win, Dew and Nani again in Manila! Thank you for the awesome memories during the show.

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**All photos used are from Rise Media Philippines and thank you so much for the invitation!


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