Recounting the Magical Evening with OffGun and TayNew | Beluca 1st Fanmeeting in Manila

A show that’s been highly anticipated by the OffGun and TayNew fans is the BELUCA 1st Fanmeeting in Manila which took place at the New Frontier Theater last December 16.

The atmosphere was thrilling, and the stage was set for an epic night filled with laughter, talent showcases, and genuine interactions between the OFFGUN, TAYNEW and their Filipino fanbases.

TMI Moments

The evening kicked off with the song ‘Law of Attraction’ and some delightful TMI moments. New revealed that he has a sprain. Also, each member shared their favorite Filipino dishes. From Halo-halo to Sinigang, Krispy Pata to Adobo, the fans enjoyed listening to the food preferences of the four acclaimed actors. Off also expressed his choice to prepare Tom Kha Gai, a Coconut Chicken Tom Yum, for Filipino fans, while Gun opted for “Khanom Pang Na Moo,” a savory Thai pork toast.

Off even recommended the fans to try “Palo,” a Thai dish that is almost similar to Adobo. The revelation that Gun learned cooking and Tay could spin without falling added an extra layer of charm to the night.

Solo Stages

The stage came alive as Off and Tay showcased their individual talents. Off wowed the audience with his performance of “Everyone Here” by Three Man Down and Gun captured hearts when he sang “What Kind of Person” by Mix Sahaphap. While Tay soulfully serenaded the crowd with “First Love” by Non Tanont, New delivered an alluring rendition of “Call Me” by Krist Perawat, adding some body rolls to his performance.

They return to the stage adorned in the colors of the “Power Rangers” and even strike their creative poses which added a playful touch to the event.

Birthday Celebration for OFF

Amidst the cheers and applause, the fans sang a short version of “Happy Birthday” for Off, who will be celebrating his birthday in January. The actors, in good spirits, joined the host in a lively rendition of the signature Sexbomb Girls signature “cheer”, ending with a playful greeting “Birthday ng Beluca, get get aw!” that echoed through the venue.

OFFGUN Moments

The night was not just about performances; it also featured a cover of Gemini Norawit’s เพลงรัก (Hook), an OST of the hit TV series “My School President” sang by OffGun. Games added a touch of fun, with OFFGUN engaging in “Kitchen Crush,” a Filipino food-themed game where they selected dishes and answered corresponding questions.

Both shared that in their past drama “Theory of Love,” Gun was in a ‘one-sided’ crush but in their current series “Cooking Crush,” the dynamic has shifted, and both characters now convey mutual feelings for each other. And if given the chance to prepare food for one another, Gun expressed his intention to make Kanom Krok, a delightful coconut pancake dessert for Off. Meanwhile, Off eagerly shared his desire to whip up Halo-halo for Gun.

Focus on TAYNEW

TayNew performed อีกนิด (Come Closer), also an OST of “My School President” sung by Ford Arun. Filipino fans were so lucky to hear the live version of New’s new song entitled พลังวิเศษของคนไม่พิเศษ (Everything is Magic).

The fans get to know more about TAYNEW through the game “This and That (Fast Talk Game)” to which it was revealed that Tay takes more time to get ready, is the clumsy one, has more bloopers when filming and an impulsive buyer. New was also revealed to have better dancing skills and is most likely to be hungry but both agreed that they have cute smiles.

OffGun and Taynew skillfully played the “Flip-Stack-Paste” challenge, resulting in entertaining consequences.

Heartfelt Messages and Promises

Each member took a moment to express their gratitude and love to the Filipino fans. Off thanked everyone for making his day memorable, Gun appreciated the fans for their energy, Tay considered the fans the best Christmas gift, and New conveyed warm thanks for the enthusiastic welcome from the airport to the venue.

I would like to thank everyone for making my day, here is the most loud and energetic, and would like to meet these fans every month. – Off

“I thank the fans for giving me power and energy although I am a little tired because of travel, but seeing everyone, I get excited to meet them and I don’t feel tired anymore. Thank you, guys! – Gun

Thank you so much for giving us your amazing energy. You are the best Christmas gift for us. We will come back here again and again and again. Thank you so much, we love you, mahal kita! – Tay

First, I want to thank you for the warm welcome from the airport up to the venue. Thank you, everyone, for the good energy, we love you! – New

Moments to cherish at BELUCA Fanmeeting

Off Gun Tay New took the time to watch a fan project video and share a group photo with their dedicated followers. The host acknowledged the actors as “pandemic heroes,” emphasizing the unique bond formed during challenging times.

As the event drew to a close, promises were made to return, and messages of love and gratitude showered the venue. OffGun and TayNew, thank you for a night that will never be forgotten by Filo Babii and Polcas!

BELUCA 1st Fanmeeting in Manila 2023 is presented by Wilbros Live and GMMTV.

Words: Jessa Lacao, Mikhaela Javier
Photos and Videos: Jessa Lacao, GMMTV


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