A Tale of A Thousand Stars’ EarthMix Holds Their Cosmic 1st Fan Meeting in Manila

GMMTV stars and lead actors of the award-winning drama “A Tale of the Thousand Stars,” Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri and Mix Sahaphap Wongratch, more popularly known as EarthMix, lands in Manila to hold their 1st ever Fan meeting.

Fans enjoyed a cosmic night as the two filled the SM North Edsa Skydome with heartwarming performances and fan interactions last July 30, 2023.

EarthMix opened the night with a duet of “No Matter What,” one of their series’ OSTs. EarthMix walking down the aisle while performing the song that brought back memories of Kilig moments from the series. Earth and Mix’s “Mahal ko kayo!” and “Mahal namin kayo!” made the fans thrilled as they kick off the show.

The two have known each other for ten years and just by looking into each other’s eyes, they can tell what someone wants to say. They also shared their favorite memories as an artists and lesson they have gained in their series. Their goal is to both keep learning and improving their skills because the fans always show support and they felt the love they have for EarthMix.

The two also talked about the lessons they have gained from their series. Additionally, they expressed their gratitude to the fans and stated that they wanted to continue learning and improving their skills because of the consistent support and love the fans have for EarthMix.

On-stage Games

For their “Guess the Word”,  one wears a headphone and the other player is mouthing or signing. The two guessed a number of words including ‘BlackPink’ to which Earth danced to BlackPink’s song with full energy. The two both tried Filipino delicacies including Lechon (Roasted Pork). Mix also tried ‘Halo-Halo’ (the Tagalog word for ‘mixed’), which he claimed was his favorite Filipino dessert.

“Fan Q&A”

“How would you describe the special bond and friendship between you two off-screen?”

Earth: “For me, the love can be in all gender.”
Mix: “Copy-Paste! Same answer. We are honest to each other and also respect each other.”

“What is your favorite moment while filming “A Tale of the Thousand Stars”?”

Mix: There was one moment when they went on a trip; there was no electricity there, and they sat together and shared many things.
Earth: We also had a chance to read the original book of the series and learn every chapter, which helped them portray the role effectively and convey the story very well.

What is your memorable bloopers on the set?

Mix: “There is one staff member named P’Charm who has a good sense of humor, and he always makes everyone laugh on set.”
Earth: “We made a kite, and it brings back the time when I was young.”

What do you do during downtime?

Mix: “I prefer to stay home and play with my cats.”
Earth: “I also like to stay home and play with my cats, and I love to do drawing and painting.”

What is your dream role or genre for your future projects?

Earth: “For me, all the roles are very interesting, but the one I prefer is that of a psychologist who can read people’s minds.”.
Mix: “There are so many roles that I want to try, but I want to try to be a very, very bad person.”

How do you handle disagreements while working together?

Mix: “We fight!”
Earth: “We fight and adapt to each other for the best result. We learn each other more and help each other more.”

Can you tell us details about your future projects?

Mix: “We always have fan meetings, but we can’t share for now the schedule for our projects in the future. We may come back here in the Philippines.”

The fans were gladly hearing those words from the two stars, giving them assurance that they would come back to the country and that they would see them again.

The two also played the “Star-Crossed Role Reversal”, in which they reenacted scenes from their series, but this time they switched roles. The two stars demonstrated their great acting skills and made the fans enjoy it.

“Who’s That Star?”

The two given trivia or statements, and the two need to identify who among them is referring to there. It was revealed that Earth has several cats, and his favorite sports and activities are swimming and diving. He also loves eating fried chicken and green curry. On the other hand, Mix also has several cats; he started his career as a member of a boyband and loves eating stir-fried cabbage with fish sauce.

Following the games, Mix performed his own rendition of “You’re Blushing?” a song originally by Gemini and Fourth. After then, Earth sang “What Kind of Person” by Mix, which was first heard on one of his series’ soundtracks.

Before ending the show, they left heartfelt messages and showed appreciation to the fans.

“I’m so happy to be here. It’s a very good moment and memorable. I think in the future I will have a chance to come back here again to see all Filipino fans. Thank you so much to all”. – Earth

“Actually, it is really hard to have a fan meeting in other countries, so I can feel all the love from all the fans here. I am so happy to be here. I can feel your warm welcome and everything you have done today. Thank you so much.” Mix.

They sang the “A Tale of a Thousand Stars” series’ official soundtrack to officially end the show. The fan meeting is presented by Neuwave Events & Productions.

Writtten By: Mariella Leyba
Photos: Jessa Lacao


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