Thai actors ForceBook First Fanmeeting in Manila Press Conference Highlights

Lead stars of “Enchante”, “A Boss and A Babe” and currently the ongoing Thai Series “Only Friends”, “Force” Jiratchapong Srisang and Book Kasidet Plookphol, more popularly known as “Force” and “Book”, held an interview and press conference before their 1st Fan Meeting Manila last Oct 1, 2023 at the SM Skydome.

ForceBook as our Thailand tour guide

Force and Book became our tour guides as they open the conference with suggestions on how to experience the best of Thailand when Pinoy fans visit their country. Force shared that they must experience the local life by eating street foods while Book shared that riding a Tuktuk and Bangkok’s Night life is a must on the list.

Dream Roles

Force is eyeing a comedy theme series or twin role just like Nanon had in “The Jungle.” On the other hand, Book wants to take a role of a secret agent. Force also shared that he had difficulty in portraying the role “Akk” in “Enchante”.

“The character itself is so different from who I am in real life. The character really tries hard but I’m not that type of person that is why I chose that for the challenging role I portrayed. Not to mention, that is my 1st acting role so I am quite nervous on how to portray it but I’m glad that I made it.” – Force

Future Projects for ForceBook

Sharing a bit of their future plans as actors, Book teases everyone that he has an upcoming projects but we should wait for the announcement from GMMTV. He said that we could probably see him again in school uniform!

While Force plans to take a short break. Since “Only Friends” brought us a heavy storyline, he wanted to do lighter dramas in the future. Force even shared that his favorite role was Gun from “A Boss and a Babe”.

Communication is the key

Force and Book were also asked how they last long in making projects especially that they’ve been friends for almost 16 years. They shared that they should have a good communication with each other and that helping each other during shoots that they do practice and habitually does script reading together.

A song for Book

If given a chance to make a song, Force said that he’ll write a happy and cheerful song for Book as it shows his personality a lot. He also described him as a bright and shining person. He said he’ll tell his company about it so it’s gonna manifest one day.

Force also answered the question “If he gonna make a song for Book, what would that be and why?” Force: I think I would write a happy and cheerful song since he is a happy person. He gets along very well with his friends. He is a bright and shiny person. Book told that he would tell the company about this and we do hope also to here it in the future.

Life as an actor

To close the media conference, Book disclosed that their friendship as co-workers from the same company built trust and respect from one another. Force also added that they both learned to understand each other’s difficulties both personally and at work. We learned to understand each other especially with our own difficulties in shooting or just in real life situations.

FORCEBOOK 1st Fanmeeting in Manila was brought to us by Wish Us Luck.

Article: Charlene Caderao
Photos: Jessa Lacao


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