“I Told Sunset About You”: Billkin and PP Krit’s 1st Fanmeeting in Manila 2023

Thai lead stars of BL series “I Told Sunset About You” and sequel “I Promised You The Moon,” Billkin and PP Krit gathered Thai dramas fans at the last stop of their Billkin and PP Krit’s 1st Asia Fan Meeting in Manila at World Trade Center last September 10, 2023.

They opened up the night as they sing their iconic OST, “Skyline” followed by “Safe Zone” which made the fans reminisce on the days that we are all binge-watching the episodes of their series.

The Sun and Moon on stage

“Salamat, Pogi and Gwapo” are just a few of the Filipino words that the two stars learned as the show progresses. The next portion of the fanmeet is the Q&A session called “Ask Billkin and PP Krit” where the two actors randomly choose questions written by the fans.

The questions are cute and spontaenous as well. We got questions like “What’s your skin care, PP Krit?” which made him burst out into laughter but teasingly answered “secret.” Billkin and PP Krit excitingly shared their dream destination in the Philippines if given a chance to wander around the archipelago– Boracay and Palawan are their top picks!

“Will you marry me?” – A fan fondly asked PP Krit and that has left the audience screaming their hearts out. In return, the actor answered he couldn’t marry the fan as he already had a boyfriend.

On stage with Billkin and PP Krit

Randomly selected lucky fans got a once in a lifetime chance to join the stars on stage for the first game– the viral Tiktok dance challenge called “Ting Ting Tang Tang”. Numerous Filipino fans and even from all over the world joined the challenge! Billkin and PP Krit were also amused to see the audience dancing to it as well.

Fire Boy!

Imma break it like a fire! PP Krit truly fired the stage with his performance of  “FIRE BOY.” Following, the couple prepared a stage for “A Beautiful Ride” and “ลังเล (Hesitate).” Billkin also did a solo performance for “ชอบตัวเองตอนอยู่กับเธอ (I Like Us).”

Billkin x Zack Tabudlo

Billkin also had a surprise guest, Zack Tabudlo and they performed “Give Me Your Forever” together for the first time. The two shared that they’ve been good friends for a while now but this is the first time that they personally met. They only communicated and practiced through video calls!

To continue with the fun games, more lucky fans were invited also onstage to play the “Read My Lips”. The game composed of 2 teams, Team Billkin and Team PP Krit where the two battle in three rounds. The fans also taught Billkin Filipino words such as “Panalo Kami” (We won!). All winners of the on stage games had the chance to take a Polaroid photo with Billkin and PP Krit.

It was a night worth waiting for

After the game, the fan project video by the fan club were played on screen. Aside from the banners, the fans also sang “Skyline.” Billkin and PP Krit shared a heartful messages for all the fans who attended.

“It’s our first time to come here, And today. we would like to say thank you. Thank you so much for the support, for your love. It goes beyond all the words. We love you, Thank You, Salamat.” – Billkin said.

Like what Billkin said, it was our first time here but we could feel the love and support from you guys. – PP Krit added.

The Billkin and PP Krit’s 1st Asia Fan Meeting in Manila is brought to us by Three Angles Production.

Article: Charlene Caderao
Photos: Mikhaela Javier


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