How much we love Luk Foo Hot Pot's Chinese Cuisine

The absence of our favorite vendors in Multinational, Sucat made us struggle with our usual after work habit of eating street food like Calamares and Kwek-kwek and it eventually lead us in trying this Chinese restaurant named Luk Foo. Authentic dining experience just within your reach? Luk Foo, with different branches all over Metro Manila offers Chinese fine dining experience at a competitive cost!


The branch that we tried is the one located near our office and just in front of Duty Free! It’s the only fine dining place in the area so it’s a plus! Inside are nice staff and just the usual formal fine dining stint you’ll see.


Since we were originally looking for Calamares, we ended up ordering seafood — particularly the squid one. Also, their rice got these kwek-kwek type balls which surprised both me and my friend ’cause it’s made of shrimps!

We had braised noodles topped with asado type of meat, the traditional dumplings (filled with shrimps!) and the regular braised beef. The soup has been served separately so that the noodles won’t turn soggy. Taste wise, it’s the traditional Cantonese type of noodles.

Lastly, we had this herbed chicken served with (beef liver?) and sweet and salty sauce. The taste is pretty nice. However, I am not that much a fan of garlic and gingery flavor so it’s not my favorite.

Ella’s Recommendations

1. I love the Luk Foo rice the most. Especially the fried shimp covered with the kwek-kwek coating

2. Everything is great, service is fast — the staffs are accommodating
3. A little bit on the pricey side so I highly suggest that you come in groups. My friend and I spent around 1,200 for the two of us but since we ordered too much, most of them are take outs!

Puregold Paranaque
NAIA road, Sucat, Paranaque


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