Korean and Thai Stars With Covers of Zack Tabudlo Songs

Chart-topping Filipino artist and musician Zack Tabudlo made his name known through his hit songs “Binibini”, “Pano” and more. As his songs climb numerous charts globally and even becoming the most streamed song on Spotify Philippines, he also snatched the attention of international artists and made some of them do a cover performance of his songs.

Here are some of the Korean and Thai artists who recently covered some of Zack Tabudlo’s best hits.

Fourth Nattawat – “Give Me Your Forever”
The Filipino Festival Event

Fourth Nattawat who recently visited Manila for his first international solo appearance at the Miss Philippines finals and The Filipino Festival, surprised the fans with a cover of Zack’s song “Give Me Your Forever.” Fourth is known for the hit series “My School President”.

Nunew – “Pano”
Cutie Pie 1st Fanmeeting in Manila

NuNew gave an outstanding performance of Zack Tabudlo’s song “Pano” at the Cutie Pie Fanmeeting in Manila. Despite the song lyrics written in Filipino, NuNew’s pronunciation is clear and that’s one of the key points why fans really enjoyed his performance so much.

Enhypen (Heesung) – “Give Me Your Forever”
Posted on Tiktok

A video that surprised the Kpop fans, Enhypen’s Heesung posted a cover of him doing singing “Give Me Your Forever” and that even surprised Zack Tabudlo himself!

Seori – “Pano”
ON Festival: OFF Manila

South Korean singer and song-writer Seori’s first visit in Manila at the ON Festival: OFF Manila became more memorable for the Filipino audience after she sang a cover of Zack Tabudlo’s song “Pano”.

Becky Armstrong – “Pano”
The Debutante in Manila

Becky Armstrong showed a strong appreciation of Zack Tabudlo’s song with her covers of “Pano” and “Give Me Your Forever” during her live streams. Aside from that, she sang the chorus of “Pano” during The Debutante Fanmeeting in Manila of Freenbecky. Freenbecky also came back to Manila for the biggest GL event in Manila so far, the Freenbecky Aromagicare Fanmeeting.

Billkin and Zack Collab – “Give Me Your Forever”
Billkin and PP Krit Manila Fanmeet

Instead of a simple cover, Billkin invited his friend Zack to do a collab performance with him at the Billkin and PP Krit Fanmeeting in Manila. The two shared that they’ve been friends for quite a while now but this is their first meeting and live performance together.

Trinity – “Pano”
Trinity Breath of Desire in Manila

As a gift to their fans during their first concert and fanmeeting in Manila, Trinity, a Thai boyband composed of Posche, Third and Jackie made a surprise performance of “Pano” while the fans are singing along with them as they appreciate the moment.

Bonus: Jungkook reacting to Zack’s song Give Me Your Forever

The Golden Maknae of BTS, Jungkook made Zack Tabudlo’s name blow up overnight on social media after he played Zack’s song “Give Me Your Forever” and even shared that he added this song on his playlist.

By the way, what’s currently your favorite Zack Tabudlo song?


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