Tilly Birds shared their experiences in Manila, meeting Filo fans and more

Tilly Birds made their first landing in Manila to rock the stage of SM Skydome for the “Tilly Birds 1st Live in Manila 2023”. Here are some of the highlights of their press conference.

The trio Tilly Birds with members Anuroth (Third) Ketlekha, guitarist Nutdanai (Billy) Chuchat and drummer Thuwanon (Milo) Tantiwattanaworakul, shared about their exciting experiences in the Philippines. They were so bubbly as they share how excited they are in meeting Filipino fans and how much positive feedback they have received from their songs so far.

Tilly Birds’ 1st Manila concert

Billy: We are super happy to be able to do that. I mean we plan to come here but not this soon. We haven’t release any new stuff for awhile but still we got positive feedbacks from you guys. We’re very happy and we couldn’t wish for more. We just hoping for tonight to give it back to you guys.

The trio’s views about the Philippines

Third enjoyed the food and he’s glad that it didn’t rain too much during their visit so the experience is so far so good. While Billy noticed that the food in the Philippines are mostly with gravy so he like it too.

Best Advice from a fellow musician

Milo: The best advice that I’ve got from a musician is to put your spirit on it. Music has different genre and difficulties, it expresses different things. Give your feeling from your heart and soul that means you can put your spirit on. Put in more creativity and keep it original.

Tilly Birds’ favorite songs

Third – “Cut to the Chase” because it makes us look stylish. The groove is very danceable and you can easily have fun with it.
Billy – It’s an unreleased so but for now “I’m not Boring, You’re just Bored”. That song sums up Tilly Birds.
Milo – “Until Then” because it is a kind of song that is my jam which is ballad.

It’s giving a “moving on” vibe

As their music is becoming popular because it mostly resonates the feelings of people. Third said that people should just have fun with it. He even shared that the songs might sound like it has lyrics that first heartbroken people, if you look at the deeper meaning of the lyrics, it gives a sense of “moving on.”

The hardest part in writing and producing music

Third disclosed that there is always a difficult time in producing all their songs. While Billy answered that the hardest one that they produced so far is “Devil’s” from their 2nd album where they talked a lot collaboratively. After the 2nd album that they released, they already felt relieved and okay.

“When same page got 10 millions views, that exceeded the band passing songs because we haven’t got on our other songs and that was like our breakthrough.” Third shared.

“For the song until then, it got like famous without promoting. It was released 3 months later from the official release it just like yeah it’s like a miracle.” Milo added.

A decade with Tilly Birds

“I think that in the past decade, we’ve done pretty well after forming a lovely band and friendship. We also built chemistry while working together. What I want to fix is the first T- Shirt design that we made because I find it lacking but we are so surprised that now, it’s the most expensive merch memorabilia that we have. – Billy said.

Song recommendation for the fans

Billy’s pick is “I’m Not Boring, You’re Just Bored”. Third recommends “Who I Am” as it tells who Tilly Birds is, while “On My Shoulder” is Milo’s suggested song as it is a song that gives you comfort when you are having a hard time.

Thai band to global/international audience

“We are so overwhelmed that we tend to ask ‘Do we deserve this?’ We couldn’t ask form more. We should make more stuff now. We really appreciate the support from international audiences. Every time we got to play on Non Thai audiences and they were screaming their hearts out in Thai, we feel this awesome crowd. We also ask them how do you learned Thai, You’re Thai is so good! That is our reaction and dream crowd.” – Billy.

Collaborations with Filipino Artist

Third surprised the media when he said that he’s I’ve been listening to Filipino Divas like Sarah Geronimo, Kyla, HER. If I got a chance, I would like to work with HER because she was amazing artist.

A bigger horizon for Tilly Birds

Asked what kind of genre they wanted to explore in the future, Billy enthusiastically answered that he wanted to look expensive and glamorous in their next concept. Third wishes to try funk, disco, jazz, soul and other genres that’s not in the band comfort zone. Meanwhile, Milo wanted to try playing drums, Jazz and song writing.

Tilly Birds also plan to release an all-English album so international fans can expect more from the band soon! Tilly Birds 1st Live in Manila is presented by Wish Us Luck.

Article and Photos: Charlene Caderao


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