Tilly Birds soars high for their 1st Live Concert in Manila

Are we on the same page?

Thai Alternative Rock band, Tilly Birds, made their first live concert in Manila a huge success as their lead vocalist Anuroth (Third) Ketlekha, guitarist Nutdanai (Billy) Chuchat and drummer Thuwanon (Milo) Tantiwattanaworakul rocked the stage of SM Skydome last September 9.

With a whooping 2.5hour non-stop show, Tilly Birds overwhelmed the fans with 25 songs on their set list including an unreleased song for Tilly Birds 1st Live in Manila. The band even gave in when the crowd called for an encore.

It’s never gonna be a “boring” show!

The hype is on when they opened the night with the song “I’m not Boring, You’re Just Bored”, “Bangkok Winter,” “ฉันไม่ใช่ (คนที่ใช่),” “Can’t Keep Up”, and “Worth The Wait”. They also had a short chat and interaction with the Filipino fans and said that they were always glad to perform to an international crowd.

A heartwarming fan interaction

Fans also did a sing-along part of ”The One”. Even though the songs of Tilly Birds are in Thai, the fans managed to sing their hearts out and this special moments happened once again when Tilly Birds performed “Just Being Friendly.”

It was also a stunning moment when the band asked the audience to sing the chorus part of Bad Buddy Series OST “Same Page”, which is their most popular song in their whole career.

We wished that night will never end

They also had an encore performance where they played some of the fan favorites namely “Ordinary”, “Baggage” and “Who I Am”. And that sums up their 1st Solo Concert here in the Philippines. The night

“Mahal Kita, Philippines!” Third of Tilly Birds twitted as the group looks forward to having a show again in Manila in the future. It was indeed worth the wait and an awesome experience to meet Billy, Third and Milo and see them perform on stage as they give their heart out through their songs. The show is presented by Wish Us Luck.

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Check out the set list for Tilly Birds in Manila 1st Live Concert:

  1. I’m Not Boring You’re Just Bored
  2. Bangkok Winter
  3. ฉันไม่ใช่ (คนที่ใช่)
  4. Can’t Keep Up
  5. Worth The Wait
  6. It’s Not You, It’s Me
  7. My Black Mirror
  8. Can’t Have It All
  9. Status
  10. Ineednoone
  11. Slipped Your Mind
  12. Cut To The Chase!
  13. The One
  14. White Pills (unreleased song)
  15. Just Being Friendly
  16. Send You Off
  17. Just So You Know
  18. When The Film’s Over
  19. Pt.2 (What’s Left)
  20. Like A Dead Man
  21. Until Then
  22. Same Page

  23. Ordinary
  24. Baggage
  25. Who I Am

Article: Charlene Caderao
Photos: Mikhaela Javier


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