How To Book Tickets To NCT Home PH: Booking Guide and Exhibit Overview

NCT Home is a large-scale exhibit created by SM Entertainment to give the fans a ‘feel’ of what it is like inside NCT’s home. This exhibit made its debut in South Korea and has moved to the Philippines for a month-long pop-up to let Filo NCTzens experience the vibe that the home of NCT gives off.

The NCT Home exhibit is filled with various activities and numerous themed rooms. The space where your favorite NCT members are virtually present as you pass through the rooms.

How to book tickets to NCT Home PH?

NCT Home Philippines will run from July 22 to August 17, 2023 at the Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall.

Here’s how you can buy your tickets:

• Sign-up at the NCT HOME website. Upon sign-up, you can see the available schedules that you can book. Through the same site, there is also a pre-order for merchandise.

  • Ticket price: Regular Price – Php 1,350
  • You can access the pre-order link of NCT Home merchandise after securing a ticket.

• Walk-ins are allowed – Other option is to go on-site. You can directly buy tickets on-site on your preferred schedule. This is best option if you are quite unsure of your trip or schedule.

Ticket inclusions:

  • 1-hour exhibit admission
  • Random Exclusive Event Photocard
  • NCT Home Poster Flyer
  • Printed NCT Home Ticket
  • Cloth Wristband
  • Official Merchandise Access
  • In-Exhibit Exclusives

How can I buy merchandise?

Merchandise can be pre-ordered via their website after check-out but there are limited number of merchandise available on-site.

What to expect inside NCT Home Philippines?

Since I visited the exhibit on its opening day. I have quite a lot of expectations from this exhibit. In fact, I even checked videos of NCT Home in South Korea. As we enter, it perfectly gives the “homey” vibe as we enter. The entrance is by batch so you need to arrive at a given time slot for you to fully consume the 1-hour long access to all the rooms.

As you enter, you’ll see a huge sign of “NCT HOME in the Philippines.” The next part is where you queue for the claiming of ticket inclusions. The claiming area gives off the NCT locker room vibe but it is a bit underwhelming. I somehow expected it to look like the one in the music video but it is not that aesthetically pleasing to be a photo spot.

The next phase is the diorama of the whole NCT Home, a quick guide on what to expect inside the exhibit and how you can enjoy the inside. The diorama is nice and super detailed that you’ll get really excited once you see it. On the other hand, It somehow felt like the room is too spacious but it lack details. I would love to see more décor since it is the first phase of the exhibit.

The Front Yard

I’m not sure if there’s an actual name for every area but I wanted to describe it further so I divided the description per room. At the front yard, there’s a mini basketball area that is actually functionable. There is also a mini patio where you can stamp NCT autographs on your souvenir paper. At the front yard, there are also screens that flashes NCT members.

Inside NCT’s Home

As you officially enter NCT Home, you’ll get to see their Rocco’s home. Rocco is NCT’s dog pet at home. Beside his dog house is a huge window that gives you a feel of actually seeing NCT members playing on the yard.

At the dining area, there is also a mini bar where the members on the screen sings Happy Birthday for you. The area is also decorated with the names of NCT members as the wall décor. It is also cute how they displayed the cups of the members and WAYV members cups are signed. When I visited, the claw machines are still unavailable.


Probably the most exhibit-looking among the rooms is the area where their clothes are displayed. You get to see some of the most popular costumes that NCT wore during their stages. Side by side, there are interactive displays where you can pick your favorite NCT member and make them do some gestures with just a few clicks.


The bedroom is somehow my least favorite among the rooms. It has a cute video of some members using the telescope and playing on the bed but overall, it doesn’t feel like a bedroom for me except that it has beds inside it. I would really love to see a bit more décor inside it.

Backyard / Garden

Definitely my favorite among the rooms, this spacious backyard is the most homey vibe. Aside from its aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, it is spacious enough for the fans to gather around and feel like you are in an actual outdoor camping site where you watch NCT on the screen. This is a perfect space to hang-out with your friends for a bit and even trade photocards like what I’ve mostly seen among the fans who visited.

Merchandise / Souvenir Shop

When I visited, there’s a special souvenir shop for NCT Home exclusive merchandise. You can easily pick what merch you like since they have displays. They even have NCT lightstick that you can purchase outright!


The payment for Photoism is separate from the ticket you purchased. You need to pay 400 pesos for two strips of photos (with the same print.) There is also a QR code on your photo where you can download your photo booth video.

Watch the tour here:

Value for money

Regular Price: 1,350 pesos

The price 1,350 for an exhibit might be quite overwhelming for those who are visiting this type of special event for the first time but taking the perks and others inclusions into consideration, the price is actually good already.

The experience a fan could get at NCT Home PH might not be as hyped as when you attend a concert but the warmth that this “home” gives is a treasure to keep as well. After all, it is still NCT-themed and the exhibit is still in massive scale. I am pretty sure that it is not easy to bring such huge project in Manila and if you are living near the area or you have the time to visit it, make sure to drop by!

More information via NICE Entertainment and Next In Line Entertainment socials.

Note: This is a media invite but all commentary in this post is my own and is solely based on my personal experience when I visited the exhibit.

Article and photos: Mikhaela Javier

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