Kim Jae Joong Presscon Highlights: “J Concert” In Manila 2023

One of the legendary Kpop artists to date, Kim Jae Joong (also known as J-Jun and Jaejoong), who is about to celebrate his 20th anniversary in the Kpop industry visits Manila again to hold his “J Concert”. Before rocking Moa Arena’s stage, the multi-talented singer and actor held a sit down interview with the media and we jot down the highlights of his press conference.

Kim Jae Joong’s thoughts in meeting Filipino fans

Why did you choose to come back to the Philippines? Is there a reason that makes Filipino fans special?

“Even from afar, the Filipino fans always cheer me on even though I couldn’t come that often. I want to express my gratitude. I actually really wanted to come to the Philippines a long time ago, but I have some problems to sort out with the company. Since the Filipino fans really wanted me to come here, maybe it would be a great time to come here now. I’m really thankful, but also sad at the same time because I couldn’t come here as fast as I could.”

Is there anything that makes Filipino fans special?

“For the Filipino fans, we also communicate through SNs and letters. I was actually happy for that part. I actually want to come here for a long time, but I can’t because of my schedule. Maybe next time, when I come back, I can stay longer so I can meet more fans.”

It’s been a while since you went on tour. How did you prepare for this?

“It’s been a long time since my last concert here in Manila, I’m really nervous but at the same time I’m also happy and excited to be able to meet my Filipino fans who have been waiting for me a long time.”

Kim Jae Joong’s iNKODE, working on a new label and more

Recently, you launched your new company iNKODE, what motivate you to start your own label?

“First, thank you so much. I think of it as a new beginning where I can change and grow myself again, and we are also working very hard to produce new artists and new debut artists at iNKODE. I could share my 20 years of experience with those artists. I could support as much as I could because of my experience.

What can people can look forward to at the newly established iNKODE? What kind of talents, and projects do we expect?

“There is a project we have right now, but it’s really confidential. But this new company has the same motto as the previous companies: looking for people with dreams, and helping them reach their own dreams. Rather than a rigid atmosphere where you have to keep operating and maintaining something in accordance with the company’s policy, we want to create a good environment where the artist can now develop a new world view and image so that they can dream in their own world view. I also know that there are a lot of Filipinos with potential; I’m looking forward to the audition.”

What are the challenges or difficulties that you experience?

“I think that if we establish a company or our own company, everyone will go through difficulties, but in iNKODE, we don’t seem to be many hardships as of now. We are working likea family and we a good team and staff.”

Apart from your business venture, what’s next for Kim Jae Joong?

“There’s so many things I’m doing right now, I have a very busy schedule. First, establishing a company, promoting in Korea, and showing a little bit of myself. So, maybe next year or so, I will be preparing for a new album. I’m planning right now. I guess, for my 20th anniversary debut anniversary, I will tour more Asian countries. so I’m hoping for your support.”

Any message to your fans?

Im really sorry that it took me a long time to come back here. I hope that you will enjoy the concert. Maybe next time I can stay longer and visit various places in the Philippines.

As the press conference ends, he was informed that there is a strong typhoon in the Philippines and he expressed his heartfelt sympathy wishing the speedy recovery of all the victims. Kim Jae Joong’s “J Concert” in Manila is brought to us by Neuwave Events and Productions.

For the full video of Kim Jae Joong’s Press Conference in Manila:

Written By: Regine Monsanto
Photos: Mikhaela Javier


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