Lee Seung Gi serenades Filipino fans at 2023 Lee Seung Gi Asia Tour Concert "The Dreamer's Dream Chapter 2" in Manila

Lee Seung Gi returns to the Philippines to meet his Filipino Airens through the 2023 LEE SEUNG GI ASIA TOUR Concert “The Dreamers Dream Chapter 2” in Manila last May 27 at the New Frontier Theater. 

The ballad price Lee Seung Gi welcomed the fans through a ballad song “The Dreamer’s Dream” where he communicated his feelings through music. His setlist for the show is composed of numerous fan favorites from his first to his latest albums. 

“Thank you, Philippines. It’s been four years since I met you right. We can’t meet because of the coronavirus so the last time we met is through a fan meeting in 2019 and now we are meeting today through a concert as a singer. Live is better, right? — Salamat po.

Actually, I had a lot of things to personally handle when I was in Korea. Thinking about this concert, I have to show this live concert to my international fans and I think I made the right decision. Tonight, just sit and enjoy. I’ll do my best.”

With so much excitement, he asked the fans how they felt upon hearing his first few songs for this show. Lee Seung Gi even shared that the Philippine Airens is his favorite among the concert stops he’s been to. 

His songs for his Manila setlist include titles “Wind”, “Return”, “The Ordinary Man”, An unreleased song, “Forest”, “Circle”, “Like A Flower”, “Losing My Mind”, “Forbidden Love”, “Though, I Love You”, “Desire and Resent”, “Delete”, “Music Time”, “Encore”, “Because You’re My Woman”.

Even if his list only includes 13 songs, he sang 15 songs with an unreleased song wherein he allowed the fans to take pictures and videos but requested to post it next year once he officially release the song.  

At the special request of the fans, he sang “Losing My Mind” twice. This is the theme song of his hit Kdrama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” where he starred with Shin Min Ah.

Aside from the show, Filipino Airens enjoyed numerous perks depending on their tickets. Lucky fans had the chance to enjoy soundcheck access that’s automatically granted to MVP ticket holders and has been raffled to other ticket holders. 

Fans also enjoyed a “gift” perk that’s personally been handed over by Lee Seung Gi to his fans. Additionally, since Lee Seung Gi is known for being a “generous emperor” and an advocate for children’s welfare, CDM Entertainment, the producer of the show, also partnered with Operation Smile Philippines to reflect the singer’s advocacies. The Operation Smile Philippines and their families is the official beneficiary of this concert.

Before his concert, Lee Seung Gi also greeted the media and the public through a public press conference in Market Market. Read more: Lee Seung Gi “The Dreamer’s Dream – Chapter 2″ Press Conference.

The 2023 LEE SEUNG GI ASIA TOUR Concert in Manila “The Dreamer’s Dream – Chapter 2” is presented by HumanMade, TG Entertainment, Faith &D Entertainment, and CDM Entertainment.

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Article and Photos: Denisse Pascual and Mikhaela Javier


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